Thursday, October 24, 2013

Page 308--Joyce and Parnell

At our meeting last night, we came to the end of the children's study hour section of the book. As Ed pointed out, it will be a relief of sorts not to have to orchestrate the left and right hand side of the page as well as the footnotes in our reading anymore, although actually the positive side of it is that it lent itself to more of a group reading.

John has emailed the rest of us that the talk of Parnell (which came up after the various misspellings of "hesitancy" in the last section. So he went out and found this essay on Joyce and Parnell, which was apparently a student paper. As John said, "I wish I could have written as good an essay when I took my Joyce course in college."

There is not a whole lot on Finnegans Wake in the paper, but it is a good account of Parnell's life and an evaluation of how Joyce was affected by this larger than life hero.


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