Monday, October 28, 2013

Finnegans Wake--for children?

When I was putting up the last post on the paper John found on Joyce and Parnell, I was trying to remember what you call the portion about the children's study hour which we had just gotten through. So I was Googling it, as you do, and Google started supplying answers, as it does. And one of the things it suggested was, Finnegans Wake for Children. You're having me on, I thought, so I went ahead and saw what it had come up with. And sure enough there was a link to Finnegans Wake for Children.

So I clicked it...

Go ahead--you'll like it. And thank you, Mr. Rosenbloom.


  1. Absolutely charming! And apt, too. Now he just needs to do some illustrations for it--whoa, Nellie!

  2. Yeah, it's good, isn't it? A nice, unintimidating intro.