Friday, June 15, 2012

Joyce Papers: National Library of Ireland

The Irish National Library in Dublin has recently released lots of digital copies of drafts of various Joycean works to celebrate Bloomsday 2012.  Shout out to Phillip in the James Joyce Reading Group on Goodreads for this tip.

The Joyce Papers 2002, c.1903-1928.

Early material; drafts etc. of Ulysses; proofs etc. for Finnegans Wake; the Joyce 2002 Papers fall into three broad categories: early material; notes and drafts for Ulysses; and proofs and additions to proofs for Finnegans Wake. In all there are over 500 manuscript pages and some 200 pages of proofs, together with some typescripts....


  1. Best wishes to the west coat Wakers on Bloomsday!

  2. Happy Bloomsday to you too, Steve. Just this minute got back from an evening of Bloomsday fun with all but one of the other Wakers, who is still away. Discussion of our own relation to Ulysses, good food and drink,listening to an excellent BBC dramatization of the pub scene,plus a video of Bloomsday made sure we all had duly celebrated the day. Hope yours was grand as well.