Monday, June 25, 2012

the answer to the game

I did a post on the word heliotrope on my other blog. It was really because of the Wake group that I did it, but I wrote it up for a more general crowd. You can find it HERE .It's interesting to me, because the text we are currently reading about the children's game is supposed to be littered with clues to the correct answer. I suppose I'd better go back and see if I can find some...


  1. Funny because during my Bloomsday evening experience, which had a hint of psychedelia mixed in with it, focused on the word "heliotrope" because at one point I randomly picked up Ulysses and read a sentence aloud. It was this one:

    "The influence of gaslight or electric light on the growth of adjoining paraheliotropic trees."

    And discussion of heliotrope and plants/people/planets moving to toward the sun was a main topic for my friend and I that night.

  2. That's pretty cool, and I'm glad that the hint of psychedelia didn't induce you to forget the experience altogether.

    In researching this, I found this line from later in the book:

    "In the heliotropical noughttime following a fade of transformed Tuff..." This is apparently on page 349, which we are nowhere near reaching yet. It was actually quoted in an article on Joyce and quantum physics, which sounds fascinating, though I haven't had time to read it yet. It is HERE