Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Book III, Chapter 3

We've started a new chapter here in Santa Cruz tonight. I happened to bring my tablet along so did a little more on the spot word searching than I've done in past months. Searching out the word "electrolatiginous" I discovered that at times the web is smaller than we think, as it led me to our Austin Wake compatriot PQ's blog, Finnegans, Wake! Although I was aware that he had done a segment of reading for the group Waywords and Meansigns, I hadn't remembered that it was this very chapter. Quite exciting. I will be sure to listen to it during the time we are reading this, and if you're up for this point in the Wake, you can too. Just go here and look for track 15, the Quadrino reading. Or start at the "beginning". Why not?  

                                                                                   Robert Berry