Friday, November 8, 2013

Are Parnellites Just Towards Henry Tudor?--page 307

Our roving correspondent PQ has alerted us to a new Finnegans Wake blog which seems well worth reading. This most recent post on From Swerve of Shore to Bend of Bay has to do with the tragic love triangle of Percy and Edith Thompson and her overly ardent lover, Frederick Bywaters. The story fascinated Joyce and it pops up frequently in the Wake, so you'd be  well advised to give it a gander.

We've made, as Ed mentions in the last post that we've begun a new chapter in the Wake, but I'm going to take a moment to mention something that came up as we summarized the Children's Study Hour chapter. For some reason or another, we,  or at least I got stuck on one of the many little headings that form a kind of cascade at the end of the book, "Are Parnellites Just towards Henry Tudor?" So, as we have just recently read the article on Joyce and Parnell, we were trying to figure out how Henry the Eighth might have had an effect on Parnell in terms of politics or women or whatever.

I can't say I've come up with any definitive answer on that. But there is a simpler answer to that. Who was Henry Tudor to Charles Stewart Parnell?

His younger brother. Henry Tudor Parnell, born in 1850 to Charles Stewart Parnell's 1846. Whether the Parnellites were just to him or not, though, I cannot say.

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