Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A dream

I had a dream last night in which I was attending a kind of reading of Finnegans Wake. It was almost more like a concert than a regular reading. About five or six men and women read in turn from the book, and they seemed to accelerate toward the end catching a fragment on one page and a fragment on the next. I realized that what they were swas the sharing here was actually the secret of time. I found it moving and even overwhelming and went off after without saying anything, but realized that this was rather rude. So I went back and congratulated them. Some of them were young people that I work with and one of them told me that they were glad to have pulled it off, and maybe weren't all that sure they had. It became clear to me that they were focussed on the performance and hadn't learned the esoteric lore of the text they were reading.

Of course, I hadn't either, but at least I understood that it was there.

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