Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hump himself!

Well, folks, I just ran across this image on Wikipedia, and then I spotted the one thing that perfectly goes with it.  The Dubliners singing the "Ballad of Pierce O'Reilley".

Perfect for Easter!

Here's the passage we just read about HCE, who is a sort of slumbrous background presence during the childer's games.  (Don't forget they are his children and thus his offshoots.)  I added a few notes of a couple of things I found and line numbers...I know I am a meeting behind here, but the egg made me do it.

HUMP (Mr Makeall Gone
[yes, close your eyes, this is the sort of thing Bishop loves]
, read the sayings from Laxdalesaga [Of Ketill Flatnose and his Descendants, 9th Century A.D, Jorunn, "Men's Wit-breaker," ofKetill's daughters. She was the mother of Ketill the Finn] 24

in the programme about King Ericus of Schweden [Swedes believed a miracle occurred at Eric's death: a fountain was said to have sprung from the earth where the king's head fell after being chopped off.] and the spirit's 25

whispers in his magical helmet, cap-a-pipe with watch and top- 26

per, coat, crest and supporters, the cause of all our grievances, 27

the whirl, the flash and the trouble[the world, the flesh and the devil], who, having partially re- 28

covered from a recent impeachment [ or im-poach-ment] due to egg everlasting, but 29

throughandthoroughly proconverted, propounded for cyclo- 30

logical [subconscious, sleep, logic of Vico], is, studding [stuttering(Cad with Pipe), scudding, setting] sail once more [of course, everynightly Vico cycle] , jibsheets [need I point out that every time he is the piratical Danish rover the sheets are also teh bedsheets?] and royals, [later on he'll be three sheets to the wind...]


  1. Thanks for the blog post Ed. And you're right, the illustration is perfect.

    Just for anyone who might be dropping by, I've opened the blog to the other group members if they want to do a post, and Ed has stepped up to the challenge.

    I figure that if there is any book in the world that could do with more than one point of view, the Wake is it!

  2. "Dawncing the kniejinksky choreopiscopally like an easter sun round the colander, the vice! Taranta boontoday!" Happy Easter to the West Coast Wakers!

  3. Right back at you,Steve! Very apt quotation, seeing as there is a strong Episcopal contingent among us.

  4. Have you guys seen the Restored Finnegans Wake yet?,,9780141192291,00.html

    My birthday is approaching.

    1. Oops! Sorry, mrhambre is me. Just another avatar of your east coast cohort.

      Intrigued about the new Wake! Initial copies from Houyhnhnm were a grand apiece, but the hardcover Penguin printing is only around fifty bucks. I wonder if they'll release a softcover anytime soon.

      Hope all's well!


    2. Steve, yes, I think you used that name before so I knew it was you.

      If you ever want to write about the new edition here, I can give you access to do a post about it. Or anything else Joycean that you want.

      Meantime, I hope to get taxes done in time to do a new post about the last meeting.